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Expert Ideas is a leading UK company in the glass designing and installation industry providing a wide range of bespoke services. Our experienced team in London will help you with initial design, manufacturing, installation and aftercare when it comes to top-class glass designing ang glazing solutions. From the beginning, we have been driven with the aim to deliver bespoke glass designing services to the clients backed by the latest trends and technology.

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At Expert Ideas, we offer a full range of bespoke modern glass solutions and installation services suitable for use on all commercial, residential, or heritage architectural projects throughout the UK. Our experienced team can do amazing things with innovative glass solutions and satisfy any customer needs. With more than 10 years working with glass designs like sleek walling systems of frameless glass, roofs supported by the glass, glass floors, stairs and bridges constructed from high engineered laminated glass and technical glass products we are able to change the internal environment and provide the highest quality. We choose tough tempered glass components for designs and by following the latest technologies we create home decor projects with integrated lighting that create a dramatic effect with an outstanding look. Our services well know in Central London, Richmond, Croydon, and all UK.

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